Medical rescue

Medical rescue, portable energy storage box is indispensable

Release Date: 2019-03-09
1. What is a portable energy storage box?
Portable energy storage box, think of outdoor power supply equipment to meet more needs. Portable energy storage box can also be called portable outdoor energy storage power supply. It is easy to carry and can solve the problem of power shortage. It is suitable for outdoor leisure, outdoor work, emergency rescue, medical rescue and other scenarios. In the outdoor high-power situation, the product itself needs a large current output. The use of lithium electronic cores, AC output 220V/300W, can solve the needs of a variety of emergency outdoor power supply.
Importance of portable energy storage box
In the case of long-term outdoor electricity use, ordinary mobile power or charging treasure can not meet the outdoor activities or electronic equipment power consumption. 220V outdoor portable energy storage box solves the power supply in outdoor photography, outdoor camping, self-driving travel, or outdoor emergency rescue work, large-capacity content and high-power power supply mode, 220V output power to achieve green, self-sufficient power supply mode, can solve outdoor power consumption for a long time, unlimited cycle.
3. Functional Characteristics of Portable Energy Storage Box
Applicable scope of portable energy storage box: flood control and emergency command, power emergency repair, emergency command vehicle, mobile communication vehicle, outdoor construction, field exploration, natural disaster site rescue, emergency reserve and other large-scale construction operations, accident repair, emergency relief and disaster relief for mobile lighting.
Product characteristics of energy storage tank:
High energy: high quality lithium battery, super capacity.
High performance: high and low temperature performance, can work normally at - 10 ~ 40 degrees Celsius.
No battery memory effect: with charge and discharge, long life.
Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
With over-voltage, over-load, short circuit, over-current, over-power, under-voltage, over-temperature protection design.
GENSPRO Jinshipeng portable energy storage box solves the problem of outdoor power consumption, and can be used in emergency rescue, emergency power supply, standby power supply and other use scenarios. Deeply loved by the vast number of users.
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