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Portable UPS-Portable Energy Storage Power Supply for Outdoor New Energy

Release Date: 2019-03-01
1.First, let's look at the concept of portable UPS:
Portable UPS is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with portable sustainable green energy solutions.
Portable UPS is light and compact. It uses lithium iron phosphate cores with environmental protection, small size, large capacity and light weight as strong support to ensure that important loads continue to work and there is sufficient power supply. It is specially designed for outdoor emergency, with light weight, high capacity and high power. It has over-voltage, overload and short-circuit protection design, and ultra-high power pure sinusoidal wave output.
2.Secondly, to understand the development status of outdoor new energy storage system:
Nowadays, new energy usually refers to solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy and so on. With the limitation of conventional energy and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, new energy with the characteristics of environmental protection and renewability has attracted more and more attention from all countries.
The development of energy storage also has a far-reaching impact on energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, the core of energy saving and emission reduction in China is the improvement of energy efficiency of power grid system. The necessity of energy storage technology is embodied in ensuring the security of power grid, realizing the energy management of the whole system and accepting renewable energy. Developing energy storage is one of the best technological paths to solve the new energy problem perfectly and meet the demand of energy saving and emission reduction.
3. What scenarios are portable UPS energy storage power used outdoors?
The products are applied in the fields of medical devices, emergency relief, outdoor activities, UAV navigation, self-driving travel, household power storage, lighting, office, fishery, military, non-electric mountain areas, pastoral areas, field trips, etc.
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